Ableton Live

Most MIDI geeks are very knowledgeable, but they are not good teachers.

I’m just a musician and teacher who has learned about electronic devices over the past couple of years out of necessity. I’m not the most knowledgeable MIDI geek in the world, but I’m a much, much better teacher than most MIDI geeks.

Learn how to incorporate MIDI into your band, using general concepts and “the big picture.”

I can show you how to get around in music software, and how to create modern music in the studio or on stage. I prefer Pro Tools as my DAW because I like to make things easy for people I am paying to master my music, but Logic is fine too, as well as Cubase, Sonar….whatevs.

Generally I give private lessons, but some group lessons too (mostly for bands) and teach bands how to record music in Ableton and reproduce their tracks live, using ReWire for Pro Tools, and Ableton/Reason syncing/recording, using controllers and triggers with Ableton, MIDI mapping, etc. I’m happy to come to your rehearsal space with multiple laptops and devices and work through a MIDI oriented rehearsal – and we could also jam and learn theory while we are at it. I also have multiple studios – a lesson studio, or a recording studio with isolation booths where you can really rock out.

Ableton is super, super fun and easy to use in live performance, whether you’re playing folk music or electronica. Reason is great for beginners. I have “educational” copies of all software I teach, for you to use.


talk soon,


A music teacher in Portland Oregon