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Lego Robotics

Tomorrow and Sunday, I’m a judge for the Oregon Lego Robotics tournaments.

I’m lucky enough to be able to do a lot of interesting things, but I’m posting this to the Whirling Squirrel site because it involves kids. I’m so excited to be a part of this and to help Oregon youth immerse themselves in science and technology.

FIRST LEGO League (FLL) is an entry-level robotics program for 9 – 14 year olds using a LEGO Mindstorm NXT robot kit to meet an annual robotic and research challenge based on real world issues.

Oregon Robotics Tournament website

Last year was at the Evergreen Air Museum in McMinnville, so we were surrounded by jets, planes, bombers, and as shown below, Howard Hughes’ Spruce Goose.

Built in 1947, the Spruce Goose (made out of wood due to restrictions on materials due to the war) remains the largest flying boat ever made, to this day. A flying boat is a plane that can land on water.