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Articles about recording music in the studio environment. Can include topics from production, metronomes, multitracking techniques, effects.

Disk Allocation in Digital Recording

Many musicians just randomly open their DAW (Digital Audio Workstation such as Pro Tools, Logic, Sonar etc) and create files and hit SAVE when done.

No bueno. You are definitely going to have file problems.

Disk allocation in music recording sessions, when done incorrectly, can cost the recording musician thousands upon thousands of dollars, when they need to hire an engineer to come in and find their files for them.

Always check PREFERENCES in your recording software to ensure that all files are being stored in the same DIRECTORY (folder). That way, your files are allocated to the correct directory, and you can spend your money on Atari synth carts and analog synths instead.


In the studio: recording metal with Pro Tools

I’ve been recording a political heavy metal album that’s still kinda secret, with a few friends.

This project will involve a LOT of editing on my part, as we are editing our music around clips (which clips exactly, will remain a secret for right now). It’s a bit odd for me, because I’m somewhat of an old school perfectionist: I’d rather do a bunch of takes, and use the perfect take. It’s fun and I look forward to more editing in Pro Tools.

Punching in, cross fades for smooth wave forms and edits, are part of my daily life right now. LOL!!

I’ve played the metal tracks for a few friends of mine, and of course for my bandmates. A lot of people are very excited about the record. The first song has a lot of twin guitar harmonies, very Iron Maiden-esque.

I’m stoked, yo.