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Learn FingerStyle Guitar and Folk Guitar in inner SE Portland

Topics Covered: Basic rhythms; flatpicking or fingerpicking. Flatpicking prior to fingerpicking is encouraged but not required. Alternate tunings.

Music Theory: Key signatures and sight-reading music notation for those whom wish to read; simplified and easy-to-use music theory for those who wish to rock. Playing in key. Scales, modes; chordal theory and rhythms. Intervals, and interval-related ear training.  For vocalists of any sort and age, a capella interval vocalization and creative improvisational composition is encouraged – and possible.

Material and Application: You pick the music.

Instructor notes: The guitar is definitely my specialty. I love the guitar in all forms including blues, rock, jazz, latin jazz, and country, fingerstyle guitar with alternate tunings; psych rock, industrial, kid’s tunes, church songs and traditionals.

You Should Bring: Your guitar, and your friends/parents. After that, you’re welcome to use one of my guitars. I don’t care if you bring your lesson papers back. I prefer that you know the material and leave the papers at home. When we are learning what we love, we memorize it better. That’s why students of all ages guide their own lessons.

About the Instrument: Fingerstyle is most often played on an acoustic guitar with smaller bodies in order to stay balanced and even sounding when fingerpicked. Smaller bodied acoustic guitars also tend to have interesting voicings. In my opinion, fingerstyle guitar is where lutherie really shines. If I’m going to spend a lot of money on a guitar, it’s going to be for playing fingerstyle acoustic.

Genres: Folk, rock, folk rock, country, bluegrass, gospels and hymns, fingerstyle instrumental mastery and improvisation (John Fahey and similar artists)

-Amanda Machina

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