Whirling Squirrel Music Scholarships

What is the Whirling Squirrel Music Scholarship?

Free music lessons and free rental/loaner instruments for very dedicated students of all ages.

I am a first generation college student who received my music degree on full tuition scholarship. I am working through a bachelor’s in Computer Engineering. Through my life, I have driven forklift trucks and 30-foot vehicles, worked on construction crews, been an office manager, software salesperson, musical instrument salesperson and service writer (diagnosing problems with instruments for luthiers), bookkeeper, technical support for General Motors, Corporate Trainer, music instructor for the school systems, self-employed self-taught web developer. I know what it’s like to work hard for a living, and I like to give back to the community and folks who are struggling with getting ahead. Music has healing powers. I want to share that with you.

Who Gets a Scholarship?

Generally, people who I have known for years as students who grow up, leave the house and begin supporting themselves, and contact me for lessons to pursue mastery of music.

I limit these scholarships to individuals who are not from privileged backgrounds. Students from ALL backgrounds are welcome in my lessons, but only lower-income individuals are eligible to receive free lessons and instruments from me.

Most students ¬†– but not all! – who receive free lessons from Whirling Squirrel began attending music lessons with me years ago as children. These people move out of their folks’ house and want to continue pursuing musical mastery with me, but cannot afford the full price of my lessons.

I prefer to know a student before I offer free lessons, but the Whirling Squirrel Music Scholarship Program is open to all motivated and practiced individuals.

Occasional Free Lessons

Occasionally I throw in a free lesson for existing students just because I want to. This is solely at my discretion.

For a consultation, email squirrel@whirlingsquirrel.com

Thank you!



2 thoughts on “Whirling Squirrel Music Scholarships”

  1. I am interested in this scholarship and plan to pursue music (vocal performance( as an undergraduate student Spring ’14. I believe these lessons will enhance my voice and provide me with the skills I need for my audition. Thank you for this opportunity.


    Ashley Burton

  2. I have a older Joseph Bohmann bowl back mandolin. I want to play bluegrass and classical. I am also interested in music theory. Would you be willing to meet and have a consultation on the 12th of February? Thank you!

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