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Music Teachers

I get a the occasional email or phone call from other music teachers, requesting information on how to teach music and run a music lesson business.

I’ve received these kinds of calls for years and I’ve finally implemented a solution. Consulting for Music Instructors. Click here to pre-purchase a consultation session. I’ll be contacting you by phone or email to schedule a session, you can also Schedule Online for Free. Students generally visit my studio in inner SE PDX on SE Division and 12th. In addition, I have a recording studio at a separate facility with isolation booths, control bay with window, headphone mixes, and vaulted ceilings, a decent ProTools project studio.

Thanks! -Amanda


Portland Lessons: Ableton Live, beatmaking, programming electronic music

Let’s make some beats

I’ve been teaching the guitar in Portland for 11 years. Over time I became bored with the guitar, and focused on playing synthesizers, and using programs like Ableton Live and Reason for music performance and production.  After many requests from my students, I began to teach Ableton Live, beatmaking, and hip hop music production and performance. Being “classically trained” in rhythm gives you creative control over your own beats. Usually these classes begin with rhythm theory, then cover drum set theory, then we program beats on hardware drum machines before working with Ableton and Reason, and similar software.
Ableton Live instructor and Reason beatmaking and hip hop lessons in Portland Oregon
Ableton Live instructor and Reason beatmaking and hip hop lessons in Portland Oregon

For skype lessons on Ableton and electronic music (Pro Tools, Logic, and more) – click here


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